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About Robert Pellegrino-Estrich

Robert Pellegrino Estrich, is a world renowned author and teacher of Spiritual Healing techniques and is the founder and Director of the Advanced School for the Healing Arts (A.S.H.A.) which now offers courses more advanced than any other healing modality.

He has devoted more than 25 years to researching and writing on the subjects of energy and spiritual healing. The result is ‘The Power to Heal’, a Bio-energy Healing Certification Course based on his highly acclaimed book, “The Power to Heal”.

Robert’s extensive experience, in and of itself, would prompt anyone to gather together and listen to what he has to say. Robert has the following experiences:


Qualified Reiki Master


Pranic Healer and Color Therapist


Gifted Spiritual/Energy Healer


More than 20 years working at the Casa of John of God Brazil

Bio-energy Healing Course

Robert has selected the core principles that are common to all forms of popular bio-energy healing modalities, examined them and then discarded the rhetoric, and condensed the essential ingredients to a single effective method. The result is a frank, concise, direct, and candid approach to man’s oldest healing procedure – biblically referred to as the laying-on-of-hands, known today as spiritual healing.

The Purpose of this Course

To help you attain certification which will allow you to both teach and practice this unique art form

Teach, instruct and guide you to your highest degree of healing competence.

Encourage and develop confidence in your healing abilities,

To speedily and effectively promote the development of your inherent capability to heal, whatever its potency

Initiate your attunement to your “higher connection”.

Provoke you to explore, learn and understand the remarkable possibilities of your healing vocation.

Provide practical guidance in the establishment of your own healing practice.

Clients Testimonials

Cathryn Neil testimonial on energy healing

“Robert held my interest throughout this fascinating course, with his useful, and often amusing anecdotes, and comprehensive course notes. Through extensive experience and an intimate, long term connection to John of God and the Entities of Light, Robert brings this course to life for his students. He is a great teacher, and students will find Bioenergetic Healing a useful introduction to energy healing with spiritual intention.”

Cathryn Neil, Australia

Elisabeth Jensen testimonial on energy and spiritual healing

I loved the ‘Power to Heal Bio-Energy Spiritual Healing Course.’ This course taught me principles to help heal disease and the symptoms of disease. Bio-Energy healing, teaches the art of energy healing through re-balancing the body’s energy field. This course teaches the power of spiritual healing and describes how to receive life-force energy, so as to balance, clear and energise the body’s energy field, through attunement to universal ‘light’. This course was life-changing on many levels.

Elisabeth Jensen

Sheila Gorman testimonial on energy healing and reiki

Robert`s Bio-energy Power to Heal course is a breath of fresh air. I always wanted to be an energy therapist and, while I believe I had the ability. I had no means to verify my techniques. I did a Reiki course but it seemed inadequate and did not answer all of my queries. Robert`s course, not only answered them, but gave me confidence to run my own clinic. Now that he has his course on-line I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the healing arts.

Sheila Gorman, Ireland

Mary Gawan testimonial on energy healing

Thank you Robert for making this amazing course available on-line. I was first drawn to it by reading your book The Power to Heal. A Concise and Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing. A friend attended your course in Kuala Lumpor and highly recommended it but work did not allow me time to attend. Now that it is on-line I can do the course in my own time. I`m loving it. It is just what I wanted.

Mary Gawan, Malaysia

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Course Pricing

Our Bio-Energy Healing Basic Course is the perfect introduction to the principals and practice of Bio-Energy healing, techniques and practice. It contains all the information and background you need to get started.

Once you have completed the Basic course, the Bio-Energy Healing Advanced course will show you advanced techniques to enrich and improve your practice.

or Purchase our Course Bundle package at $430 and save as much as $164!!!

When You Enroll You’ll Learn to:

energy healing

The history and scientific facts behind energy healing.

energy healing

What these mysterious healing energies are.

energy healing

How they affect the body.

energy healing

The human energy fields and their proven use in real life medicine.

energy healing

Disease. How it manifests in the body and how healing energy influences disease.

energy healing

You’ll learn how to attune to receive healing energies

energy healing

How to raise your healing and spiritual frequencies.

energy healing

The God concept in healing.

energy healing

and Many more!

energy healing

This course will enable you to live an independent life, working anywhere and anytime you want.

energy healing

In addition you will reap the rewards and satisfaction that comes with helping your fellow man.

” The Power to Heal Is inherent in Man’s ability
To connect to and transmit Universal healing energies,
To use his body as a channel for healing guides
And his mind to direct them. “

Robert Pellegrino-Estrich

Frequently Asked Questions

Energy Healing is as natural as breathing – all humans have the propensity to heal – but the techniques and methods are not so easy to discover. This concise and comprehensive course can lead you with confidence to a healing vocation.

You will have questions and we can respond to them by any means of communication you wish to use but below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I learn to be a Healer?

Yes. The great English Healer Harry Edwards answers it thus:

– If you have a deep inner yearning to give of yourself to ease the suffering of the sick, to take away pain and stress.

– If you possess compassion and sympathy for those who are afflicted and if you are willing to sacrifice your time.

– If you are generous in nature and are willing to render service for good cause, you possess the spiritual qualities that mark the healing gift.

This healing potential only then needs the development of attunement with the source of healing, practice and the opportunity to give it practical expression.

Can I charge a fee for my healing?

Yes. You are charging for your time not your divine gift.

How should I advertise my services?

If you give your time with compassion and sincerity, they will come.

Is it legal under the law?

Yes, energy healing, known as the Laying on of Hands, is as old as Mankind. In some countries you might need a Certificate of Ministry. We can help you procure this if needed.

I don`t have much confidence to do it.

You will have more confidence when you have completed the sections in the course showing the History and the Scientific Proof of energy healing.

Should I open a clinic?

That is one option but you can provide a healing service anywhere including your home, renting a space in an established clinic of alternative medicine or anywhere.

How do I know if I can become a healer?

Everyone has the propensity to heal. You just need honest instruction such as in this course. You can begin for free with friends and relatives to feel your way initially.

Can I contact you for advice?

Yes. Of course – you can email me at:

Become a Certified Healer Today!

The Power To Heal

The Power to Heal Is inherent in Man’s ability To connect to and transmit Universal healing energies, To use his body as a channel for healing guides And his mind to direct them.

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