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Biography Of Robert Pellegrino-Estrich
Robert Pellingrino-Estrich - Qualified Reiki Master, Pranic Healer and Color Therapist, Gifted Spiritual/Energy Healer

Robert Pellegrino-Estrich

A world-renowned author and teacher of Spiritual Healing techniques and is the founder and Director of the Advanced School for Healing Arts (A.S.H.A.) which now offers courses more advanced than any other healing modality. He has devoted more than 25 years to researching and writing on the subjects of energy and spiritual healing. The result is The Power to Heal, Bio-energy Spiritual Healing Certified Course based on his highly acclaimed book, “The Power to Heal”

Few authors have been more closely involved with energy healing than Robert Pellengrino Estrich. This Australian native dubbed by 60 Minutes as “The man responsible for putting John of God on the map.” Due largely in part to his book “The Miracle Man. The Life Story of Joao de Dues.” This book, now in it’s 12th edition, nominated twice as a “5 star must read” on Amazon.com and is now available in 16 languages. This book opened the doors to the world to experience the remarkable healing medium John of God. Robert designed and originated the overseas group system to bring foreign patients from around the world to visit this famous healer and has worked with and aided the John of God facility in Abadiania, Brazil for the past 23 years. Robert has been instrumental in bringing worldwide media attention to John of God – being interviewed by the Discovery Channel, ABC TV, Chanel 9 Australia, 60 Minutes and twice on South Africa’s famous Carte Blanche TV.

In addition, Robert is a qualified Reiki Master, Prana Therapist, and Color Therapist, but above all he is a gifted Energy Healer. He has lectured extensively on energy healing across the USA, Australia and Europe. Robert has studied and received a degree in Metaphysics, and pursued a spiritual calling that led him to energy healing. He has worked with, studied and researched some of the finest healers of our time. Countless years of observing a broad spectrum of clients, gave him vauable hands-on experience and enabled him to maintain thousands of case files that resulted in his book, The Power to Heal. His writings and seminars are exclusively about natural therapies and energy healing. Robert has operated healing clinics in Sydney Australia, Chicago, and Florence Italy.

” His loving compassion for humanity has led him to years of selfless work for the street kids of Brazil, which resulted in the establishment of The Lady of Light Association – a non-profit charity dedicated to the less fortunate in Brazil. ”

Robert’s extensive experience, in and of its self, would prompt anyone to gather to listen to what he has to say. He has managed to condense more than 25 years of knowledge into his comprehensive, certified course that is a must, not only for those in the field, or those in pursuit, but also for any healthcare provider, spiritual seeker, and the public at large. A pure delight to be in the presence of such a man who holds the extensive knowledge, training, and experience in this genre would be no less than a life changing, invaluable experience for all who attend.

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The Power To Heal

The Power to Heal Is inherent in Man’s ability To connect to and transmit Universal healing energies, To use his body as a channel for healing guides And his mind to direct them.

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