About This Course

This course is unlike any other energy-healing instruction

It selects the core principles that are common to all forms of popular bio-energy healing modalities, examines them and then discards the rhetoric, and condenses the essential ingredients to a single effective method. The result is a frank, concise, direct, and candid approach to man’s oldest healing procedure – biblically referred to as the laying-on-of-hands, known today as spiritual healing.

You, like many people, may feel you have a natural propensity to heal but lack the time or finances to pursue lengthy courses. You want information and guidance in a more concise and expeditious way to speed you through the necessary steps towards implementing your healing abilities. This course was designed to do just that.

One Truth and One Source

For anyone who feels they have the seeds of the healing gift it will offer them encouragement, knowledge and specifics to commence healing – professionally or as a part time interest. You will find that this course avoids any commercial or divergent teachings that cloud the simple truths of compassionate healing. There is but one truth and one source.

Any modality that claims exclusivity is just a diversion from the simple truth; that human beings have a divine ability to heal each other with universal energies supplied by God through spirit guides of the ethereal world. Use this knowledge with love and true compassion to heal or sooth your fellow human who seeks your help and in return you will be blessed with spiritual rewards beyond your wildest expectations.

“This course has been compiled from insights and knowledge gained whilst assisting and participating in our clinics in Sydney, Florence and Chicago, and from the extensive research undertaken for these seminars on healing and mediumship, and my twenty three years of close association with Joao de Deus, Brazil’s most powerful and effective healer, about whom my book The Miracle Man was written”

Condensed Course

It embraces a wide spectrum of research, including our own personal experiences and knowledge cross-referenced with actual cases recorded in our clinic records. It avoids unsubstantiated truths but tries instead to supply supporting evidence for the difficult-to-believe. Wherever possible, it endeavors to validate our findings with supporting evidence and true case studies. The result is a condensed course in Bio-energy Spiritual Healing based on the contents of my book The Power to Heal.

” The Power to Heal Is inherent in Man’s ability,
To connect to and transmit Universal healing energies,
To use his body as a channel for healing guides,
And his mind to direct them. “

Robert Pellegrino-Estrich

Robert Pellingrino-Estrich - Qualified Reiki Master, Pranic Healer and Color Therapist, Gifted Spiritual/Energy Healer

Robert Pellingrino-Estrich

Founder and Director of the A.S.H.A

Robert Pellingrino Estrich, is a world-renowned author and teacher of Spiritual Healing techniques and is the founder and Director of the Advanced School for Healing Arts (A.S.H.A.) which now offers courses more advanced than any other healing modality. He has devoted more than 25 years to researching and writing on the subjects of energy and spiritual healing. The result is The Power to Heal, Bio-energy Spiritual Healing Certified Course based on his highly acclaimed book, “The Power to Heal”

The Power To Heal

The Power to Heal Is inherent in Man’s ability To connect to and transmit Universal healing energies, To use his body as a channel for healing guides And his mind to direct them.

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