Becoming a Healer

Do you feel you can HEAL?

There is an enormous demand for natural health practitioners. In 1997 alone 83 million Americans consulted alternative healthcare practitioners and spent 21.2 billion dollars in the process (National Institute of Health).

A.S.H.A. 1: Basic: Bio-energy Healing

A.S.H.A. 2: Advanced: Bio-energy Healing

Price per course is just $299 – total price $598. Take both courses and SAVE $164!! Pay just $430 for both.

Some energy courses cost $5000 a year and take four years! This course is presented by the author of the book The Power to Heal Robert Pellegrino-Estrich.

Director of the Advanced School of Spiritual Healing Arts (A.S.H.A).

Robert Pellegrino-Estrich

Robert Pellegrino-Estrich

Founder and Director of the A.S.H.A.

This is more than another healing course – this is about life!


It`s about tapping the energies of existence to access the core principles of life on Earth.


Discover the essential nature of existence.


Learn about suppressed knowledge of life energies


Experience the effects of Mind/Body/Spiritual healing by tapping the energies of existence.


Find and live your true energized life.


It will enable you to live an independent lifestyle, working anytime and anywhere you choose, plus you get the added satisfaction of helping others.

The Power To Heal

The Power to Heal Is inherent in Man’s ability To connect to and transmit Universal healing energies, To use his body as a channel for healing guides And his mind to direct them.

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