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We are Energy Beings.

We are, in fact, three bodies in one; a physical body, a spiritual body and an energy body, each motivated and influenced by emotional and mental faculties of the heart and the mind – intertwined and interacting one upon the other.

Current medical procedures treat only one body – the physical. But let us consider this simple question:

If so called modern medicine, in its current scientific form, began less than 500 years ago, what did mankind do to correct disease during the past two million years of evolution?
They used natural herbs and healing energies.

This is not to trivialize the enormous advances made in modern medicine but, in our enthusiasm to embrace mankind’s scientific sophistication, we have discarded our own God-given methods to heal the body complete – with herbs and energies.

Dis-ease occurs in any one of the three human bodies. Most often it begins in the energy fields. It is logical that most cures lie there also.

Bio-energy healing, often incorrectly called magnetic healing, is acceptable to most people because it complies with accepted scientific knowledge. Part One of this course explores the proof and effectiveness of this method. In thousands of experiments and theories from Paracelcius to Dr Lieberman irrefutable evidence is available for anyone who seeks it. It is demonstrable, logical, scientific and verifiable. In addition, energy healing is safe, and has none of the side effects that often accompany allopathic drug use or radical surgery.

Spiritual Healing is a little more mystifying: “If healing is a gift”, the purists will say, “How can it be taught?” There is much truth in this – there are some aspects that cannot be taught – a person cannot be given “the gift”. All humans, however, have some ability to heal, of course there are many who have a greater propensity than others, and there are those who seem to have been bestowed with a powerful healing gift indeed.

The purpose of this course is to:


Teach, instruct and guide you to your highest degree of healing competence


Encourage and develop confidence in your healing abilities,


To speedily and effectively promote the development of your inherent capability to heal, whatever its potency.


Initiate your attunement to your “higher connection”.


Provoke you to explore, learn and understand the remarkable possibilities of your healing vocation.


Provide practical guidance in the establishment of your own healing practice.

For those who want to nurture and develop their natural healing talent, this course will enable them to:


Awaken and recognize those hidden abilities.


Provide practical knowledge for a better appreciation of Spiritual Healing and how it works.


Explore both the fundamentals and the techniques to give you the confidence and the courage to pursue a healing path.


Enlighten and open your mind to connect you to the reality of your soul and the very purpose for your existence.


Begin your own healing clinic.

The Need to Add an Extra Dimension

In these times when natural therapies are increasingly accepted by a wider proportion of the population, including many orthodox medical practitioners, this course will fill the need of all alternative practitioners who wish to add that “extra dimension” to their practice by treating the core of the problem; the unseen bio-energy of the human body where a large proportion of dis-ease begins. A better diagnosis or healing is invariably achieved when the help and guidance of spirit guides are sought.

We have purposefully divided the course into two parts. Part One – Bio-Energies, deals with healing energies and their application. Many people do not embrace a full acceptance of spiritual beliefs. For them, Part One- Bio-energies will be most beneficial – providing proof of energy healing and crammed full of tangible scientific evidence to support the theories.

Those who want to explore the aspects of spiritual healing in which energies are delivered by Healing Guides, using the therapist as a channel, will find Part Two – Spiritual Healing most enlightening. It provides information on guide attunement, energy transfer, psychic operations and the seldom-discussed problem of “attachments”. It examines mediumship, reincarnation, multiple-dimension existence and psychic diagnostics. In addition, it offers practical advice on setting up a healing clinic, therapist integrity, counseling, referrals and working with other practitioners.

Helping You Develop Your Healing Abilities

There are sure to be aspects of this course that may be difficult for some to accept; time and practice will prove them not only true, but invaluable. This course will provide the instruction and practical participation to help you rapidly develop your potential and utilize your healing abilities in the shortest possible time.

It should be acknowledged that there are many degrees or levels of healing ability. There are higher levels that you may not achieve in this life. However, there is much good work to be done at all levels and all that can be expected of any practitioner is that they commit themselves sincerely to a compassionate desire to aid their fellow human.

Healing does not restrict itself to any race, religion, class or belief. All humanity has the right to explore the universal gift of healing with energies, without restrictions or social taboos, and in so doing, enlighten themselves with the truth of our purpose in this wonderful time/space reality we call “life”.

The connection to and utilization of universal energies is not only about healing. In its wider context it is about:


Communication with those discarnate spirits who guide us through this physical life.


Tapping knowledge from the universal source.


Development of our true potential through living in the awareness of multiple realities of creation.


An awareness of the infinite potential of the creative God-force that is an indwelling connection of us all.

It is, in fact, a way of life, more rewarding, more satisfying than you could ever imagine.

” The Power to Heal Is inherent in Man’s ability,
To connect to and transmit Universal healing energies,
To use his body as a channel for healing guides,
And his mind to direct them. “

Robert Pellegrino-Estrich


If you have a deep inner yearning to give of yourself to ease the suffering of the sick, to take away pain and stress.

If you possess compassion and sympathy for those who are afflicted and if you are willing to sacrifice your time without pecuniary reward.

If you are generous in nature and are willing to render service for good cause, you possess the spiritual qualities that mark the healing gift.

This healing potential only then needs the development of attunement with the source of healing, practice and the opportunity to give it practical expression.

Harry Edwards

The Power To Heal

The Power to Heal Is inherent in Man’s ability To connect to and transmit Universal healing energies, To use his body as a channel for healing guides And his mind to direct them.

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