Client Testimonials

“Robert held my interest throughout this fascinating course, with his useful, and often amusing anecdotes, and comprehensive course notes. Through extensive experience and an intimate, long term connection to John of God and the Entities of Light, Robert brings this course to life for his students. He is a great teacher, and students will find Bioenergetic Healing a useful introduction to energy healing with spiritual intention.”

Cathryn Neil, Australia

“Robert`s Bio-energy Power to Heal course is a breath of fresh air. I always wanted to be an energy therapist and, while I believe I had the ability. I had no means to verify my techniques. I did a Reiki course but it seemed inadequate and did not answer all of my queries. Robert`s course, not only answered them, but gave me confidence to run my own clinic. Now that he has his course on-line I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the healing arts.”

Sheila Gorman, Ireland

“I loved the ‘Power to Heal Bio-Energy Spiritual Healing Course.’ This course taught me principles to help heal disease and the symptoms of disease. Bio-Energy healing, teaches the art of energy healing through re-balancing the body’s energy field. This course teaches the power of spiritual healing and describes how to receive life-force energy, so as to balance, clear and energise the body’s energy field, through attunement to universal ‘light’. This course was life-changing on many levels.”

Elisabeth Jensen

“Thank you Robert for making this amazing course available on-line. I was first drawn to it by reading your book The Power to Heal. A Concise and Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing. A friend attended your course in Kuala Lumpor and highly recommended it but work did not allow me time to attend. Now that it is on-line I can do the course in my own time. I`m loving it. It is just what I wanted.”

Mary Gawan, Malaysia

“Very interesting and comprehensive course. Well delivered by Robert and also included a take home manual. Value for money”

Lynette Stacy, Adelaide, South Australia

I had the great pleasure of being the Adelaide organiser for Robert Pellegrino Estrich’s Course The Power to Heal Bio- Energetic Spiritual Healing in February 2O16. This is a highly beneficial course for any person who seeks to be able to heal themselves and others. Robert is a gifted healer and very knowledgeable teacher who has studied and worked along side many Healers, including John of God in Brazil, for many years. Highly recommended as preparation also for persons before they travel to see John of God at his Casa in Brazil or afterwards to deepen their understanding of Spiritual Healing.

Elisabeth Jensen

The Power To Heal

The Power to Heal Is inherent in Man’s ability To connect to and transmit Universal healing energies, To use his body as a channel for healing guides And his mind to direct them.

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